With the prevailing presence of academics, the ICCSAI is an independent center promoting studies and researches about all the different components of the air transportation industry and all the recently debated issues in connection with aviation industry. Primary emphasis will be initially placed on the present Italian situation, paying attention to factual circumstances as well as to the policy issues presently on agenda in this country.

Our ambition is to become very soon the first center of competence in Italy in the field of the economics and management of aviation industry.

We hope, and will actively engage in order to make it happen, that ICCSAI will serve as an independent organization suited to satisfy the needs of informed knowledge coming from possibly all the different players involved in the field.

It goes without saying that, in order to understand the Italian present state of affairs, whatever kind of analysis must be surrounded by an informed European perspective.
As a consequence, the second most urgent task to be accomplished is to establish a network of durable links with the other European centers with parallel aims and aspirations.

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